African Diaspora Resource Centre was borne out of Managing Director, Aurelia Peart’s desire to create a more streamlined process for obtaining information and resources pertaining to travel and relocation to Ghana.

There is increasing interest from Africans in the diaspora to reconnect with their roots, and eventually make their way home, but the complexities of the system can often make this quite the daunting task.

Many in the diaspora do not have a trusted contact on the ground who will look after their best interests and advise on expectations throughout the transitional process, which can leave room for vulnerabilities to the system.

The African Diaspora Resource Centre is committed to ensuring the success of all who have made the decision to explore the continent and make Africa home.

We have built a strong network of the most reputable companies and government bodies in the country to facilitate every aspect of your repatriation journey and remove many of the challenges along the way.

African Diaspora Resource Centre is your trusted resource for secure travel & relocation to Ghana! 

What we do

Philanthropy ❤

Support charitable initiatives in Ghana and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by becoming a member of our 501c3 nonprofit organization, The African Diaspora Group, Inc. Together, we can bring solutions to long-standing needs on the African continent and make contributions towards building a prosperous, self-sufficient nation. Members receive exclusive discounts on services and merchandise.